Alexander Information provides customised business research to a range of clients, from small businesses to larger corporations operating in a wide range of industries. We specialise in finding current and reliable information on businesses and people from a variety of sources including the Internet, fee-based databases, social media sources and telephone research.

With access to thousands of publications through online databases and using sophisticated search techniques, we can find the information you need to give you a competitive edge.

What we offer:

From ad-hoc to more on-going projects, some examples of the type of work offered include:

Company or Industry overviews Р you may be looking to move into a new area with your business or thinking of bringing out a new product. We can provide you with an industry overview, who the main companies are as well as  highlighting any industry trends and the regulatory environment.
Background research on people or companies which will highlight any potential issues that may affect your business.
Current awareness – we can provide regular monitoring of an industry, individual or topic.
Litigation support – you may need information relating to a specific legal case or to know if someone has been involved in litigation and what the outcome was.

Recent research projects include an overview of the contract manufacturing industry and researching French legislation.

Results will be tailored to your requirements and delivered in a format that suits you including written reports, spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations.

Alexander Information respects client confidentiality.